Knowing my Onions

I don’t usually get involved with vegetable growing  (aside from bed building, prepping and similar such donkey work) as my partner Jeanette is usually the boss of the veg patch. Therefore, this is an unusual post for me to write.

As we have done every year, our onion sets were initially planted in cell trays and started off in the greenhouse. Due to the “interesting” weather conditions this year so far, neither of us expected them to go from dormant sets to over 4 ins tall in just a couple of days! So, as Jeanette actually has a proper job, I volunteered to plant them out…after I had realised that the bed still needed weeding(D’OH!). I hate weeding. Being a raised bed though, at least I got out of digging it over!

I did however give the bed a sprinkling of “seaweed enhanced” granular fertilizer I found at the back of the garage, as we hadn’t got around to adding any muck in the autumn. The pack had been in there for some years, but should still be OK, and at worst it will simply do nothing.

Onions of choice this year are “Centurion”, which has amazing storage potential and “Stutgarter Giant”, which will hopefully live up to its name.

We shall see…

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