Bucket Banana

It’s fair to say that I love ’em. Bananas, colocasia, alocasia and of course the mighty gunnera are among the tender treasures that (aside from the gunnera) only grace our garden for around four months of the year: the banana (Musa ensete) for example, won’t take any cold: one could almost simply say the word “frost” nearby for the plant to shrivel and die!

As a consequence, our extension gets full of these garden gems, while the hardier gunnera has to put up with being cut down and covered for the winter (merry Christmas, “Gunny”!). As I put them directly in the ground during the summer,  I resist the urge to overwinter the others in “nice” pots in order to keep replanting easy, so I often bung ’em in whatever receptacle I have available at the time. As the extension is a warm enough environment,  I favour keeping the plants growing rather than cutting them back, therefore their containers need to be big enough. In the case of the banana, it’s currently sitting in a big gardening “bucket”. I was slightly concerned that the lack of drainage may have caused anaerobic conditions at the roots, however as it’s quite a thirsty plant I didn’t expect any serious issues, and it seems to have survived, and thrived, well enough. At least it wasn’t poisoned by cat wee like my other banana last year!

This time around, I also remembered to rescue and overwinter some red pelargoniums (you can just about make them out in the foreground of the pic above) so that’s another win.

All I need to do now is whip the garden into shape, prep their planting areas and wait for the end of May.

Looking forward to it!


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