A Silver Lining?

The weather here in Kent over the May bank holiday weekend is set to be unseasonably good, and as I write this post, I am bathed in mid-morning sun, and I can see a flawless blue sky through the window.

“Through the window? ” I hear you ask.  “Why are you inside on such a glorious day?” 

The reason is both simple and frustrating: I have the flu. TYPICAL!

Last autumn, I had neither the time nor the energy to carry out the usual autumn clearance as I had an exhausting and frankly stressful job, so the garden ended up going to hell in a Sussex trug!

After leaving said job (phew!) I regained my mojo  as well as  a lot of time, so spent much of late March and early April carrying out a mass clearance of our now somewhat unkempt green oasis. It was cold, grey, and often moist (ooh-er missus), but the day the weather changes I wake up with a temperature, a cough, my typical flu-related nose bleeds, and no voice!

I could be out there getting my hands covered in the brown stuff (no, not that brown stuff!) being followed around the garden by our cats, Lilli and Fudge, who like to “help” me by doing some digging of their own (OK, sometimes it is that brown stuff ) or repairing the raised planters of our veg patch, re-edging the lawn or simply running the mower over it, but no: I am making do with old episodes of Gardeners’ World that I am sad enough to have recorded and kept, while sipping Lemsip (other palliatives are available) and randomly switching between sweating and shivering!

I did however, find a silver lining to my flu-induced funk. As my health and overall disposition began to improve, I had the idea for this blog! I had never really thought about writing one before, but I saw the opportunity to do something new…so after a little research,  here I am!

This is my first ever blog post…this is my first ever blog!



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